Multiple competences

National union of the Expert Geometricians
Philippe Francois, president of the UNGE. With the advent of the National Union of the Geometrician-Experts or UNGE, a better separation of the kinds was done between the UNGE and the OGE. This is why it was decided the creation of an Internet site specific to the UNGE. This one will publish for its members of national and regional information, the update of Vade Mecum of Presidents de Chambres Regional and Departmental and all other événementielles information of the life of the Union. On the ordinal site only information will remain in particular including the co-ordinates of the various Rooms and constituent Commissions of our trade union, and some information in événementiel matter those will act as transverse bond towards our trade-union site. Our Internet site should be born in the current of the first half of 2002...

Office(Desk) of AUCH

Office(Desk) of CONDOM

Office(Desk) of VIC-FEZENSAC

Office(Durability) of MAUVEZIN

Ordre des géomètres experts
The Order of the geometrician-experts represents the occupation of geometrician-expert near the Authorities and ensures the implementation of the laws and the payments which govern it. It takes care of the discipline, the training, the compliance of the deontology and the code of practice.